Sunday, February 08, 2009

Nerd Word(s): Girlfriend Tax

Girlfriend Tax
- noun

1. The extra amount of money spent just by having a girlfriend.

[ Origin: I have no idea.  I'm thinking Marloue though ]

- usage
1. "How come Liang didn't want to come to lunch with us?"
"He's been trying to cut down on costs."
"Oh, that's right.  He's got that trip to NY, and then that trip to Miami next month."
"Yeah.  Girlfriend tax is hitting him hard."

2. "You know I'd kick in on the keg bro, but February is the worst month for GF tax and I'm tapped"


  1. No doubt. Federal Income Tax is nothing compared to GF Tax.

  2. Hahahahahaha!

    Hilarious! (and so true... you poor guys, it's not fair.)

  3. Boyfriend tax or BF tax

    1. The physical activities that a woman feels obligated to perform as repayment of girlfriend tax.


    1. “OMG…you will not believe how tired and sore I am this morning”
    “Why? Did you stay up late again last night?”
    “Yes, Tommy still thinks that I owe him BF tax to pay him back from the trip to New York last month”
    “Really? I thought he did that to be spontaneous and romantic?”
    “Please, you should know that he only spent the GF tax just to get some BF tax”

    2. “I’ve had to go to the chiropractor 6 times in the last month because of the GF tax I’ve been putting out”