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Adam directs a movie

I've been traveling a lot, and at times without net access. That probably doesn't seem like a big deal for you, but for me it's like traveling without my legs. It sucks. At any rate, I leave again on Sunday for Chicago and as I probably won't have time to finish the 2 or 3 blog entries I've been working on I thought I'd leave you with this.

6 or 7 years ago, before "the man" had sucked any uniqueness and motivation out of me, I loved working on projects. The project itself wasn't all that important, as long as it was a goal that I could work hard towards and then give up on somewhere between 60 and 80 percent completion.

With that in mind I was quite happy to assist Adam when he called me with an idea for a school project. He was supposed to do an architectural review of a building and he had chosen the Harkins Centerpoint. Since he was reviewing a theater he decided to do the project in video format. I'd like to think Adam called me first due t…

Ana vs. J Random Nerd

At precisely 11:45 last night my phone started vibrating and then in that oh so subtle computer voice announced, "Ana's Birthday in 15 minutes".

"Oh yeah," I thought. "It has been a year".

Ana's last birthday was a celebration at the "Swinger's Room"(Resident's Center) of my then new condo. It was both a high point for us, and the beginning of the end, but this isn't that emo post. I've been asked by my numerous fans(Read: J.R.), "Hey, whatever happened with Ana? You never really finished that story." It's an odd thing because she was the one who originally prompted me to write what would go on to become this blog. I guess maybe that story is hard to finish in an amusing way since I already know how it ends, but in light of her birthday I thought I should share another short story about the day I first thought, "
I think I'm in love." For those who need a refresher course, click here.

During our fi…

Mom Realizes Nobody is Talking About Her

My family has been through 3 major hospital stays in 3 years, but last week, for the first time, it didn't involve Mom. I had gone up to the hospital every day for lunch, and then after work. By Friday night I was exhausted and decided to just stay home and relax a little. My dad was sort of cranky all week(To be expected when you have your chest cracked open), and didn't really seem to enjoy company anyhow.

Ruthie stopped by when she got home and told me she wanted to go wash her car. A little Ruthie time seemed like a good cure for exhaustion and I soon found myself driving a little white VW Beetle in search of a car wash that was still open. I eventually had to resort to Google maps on my phone. (It's no iPhone, but it gets the job done)

As we arrived at the self car wash my phone rang.
"Bueno! ¿Quien es?" I attempted Spanish.
"I'm at the hospital, Mom fell" my sister answered back.
"Her knee is pretty messed up."

NerdMory Word(s): Let's talk about me for a while

Let's talk about me for a while
- statement, call for attention

1. A statement indicating that the current topic of conversation pales in comparison to one's self.

[ Origin: One evening around the dinner table, my parents were congratulating and fawning over either my brother or me due to some school accolade or achievement(Since it was school, it was probably me). A 7 year old(or thereabouts) Miranda, bored of the conversation, finally decided to add her 2 cents. "Hey Hey Hey" she shouted until everyone turned to look at her, "Let's talk about me for a while" ]

- antonyms
It's all about you today