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The Real Nerd Word(s): DO NOT WANT

- statement

1. An expression of severe dislike for something.

[ Origin: Once upon a time Star Wars Episode 3 was translated to Chinese, and then subtitled in English. Instead of using the original English text though they went ahead and translated the Chinese back to English. The produced subtitles were not an exact 1 for 1 of the original movie and when it found it's way to the Internet, much hilarity ensued amongst the nerds while watching the newly titled, "Star War - The Third Gathers - Backstroke of the West". In one of the final scenes Anakin(Now Darth Vader) is told that Padme is dead and he screams, "NOOOO!" which when translated to Chinese and back again became, "Do not want."

The phrase quickly grew in popularity as it spread to YTMND and eventually I can has Cheezburger, and eventually in to the heart of every nerd.

The offending piece can be seen near the end of this youtube clip ]

- antonym

- usage
1. "Fry's has NI…


"Man", the little IM notification popped up with Sean's typical greeting that let me know there was something more coming. "Non technical people are dumb."

"Yeah" I agreed without taking a moment to consider what was spurring this attack on the non-nerds socially adept of the world.

"My sister just sent me some forwarded email about a ZOMG virus that was apparently verified by Snopes, but when I went to Snopes it says it's a hoax. Looking at the email it had been forwarded to the entire staff at her office."

"Yeah, I had to shut a few people down on the forwards a while back" I explained. "It's a hard subject to broach at times depending on the person. I felt really bad telling my mom it was all BS. I mean... she really wanted that 50 dollar Applebee's gift certificate"

"Well, did she at least get that big check from Bill Gates for forwarding you the message?" he asked.

"Shockingly no. I'm assumi…

The Real Nerd Word(s): The Internets

Today's nerd word is an actual word that normal nerds use, and not just some crap that I tend to repeat until it no longer has actual meaning.

The Internets
- a prize

1. The prize for winning an argument or making a particularly amusing statement(Generally on the Internet).

[ Origin: The Internet ]

- synonyms
1. The Internetz

- usage
1. "Oh my god, Zero Punctuation just won the Internetz with their review of Assassin's Creed"
2. "Your post on the thread about Liang's mom was awesome. I award you two Internets"

Jesse wins the Internets

I know I already discussed all the google hits I've been getting, but today I got one for "Teen Nerds". Apparently google image searching for it puts a picture of me somewhere on the first or second page(As of this writing). For this, I've been awarded one internets.

Honorable mention: J.R. is on the fourth page if you image search for "Ballers"

Contrary to popular belief, I'm still around

I've just been busy with completely uninteresting things. But just to let you know I thought I'd drop a few random bits on you.

Maybe I need to consider older ladies...
On Saturday there was a big party down stairs. It was "featuring" 3 different DJ's, or so the fliers that were taped to every visible spot of the buildings would have me believe. I'm not much for social gatherings with people that I do know, let alone complete strangers, so I was of course not in attendance.

Besides Sean's annual St. Patty's day part was that night, and 2 parties on one day and they might revoke my nerd card.

As I returned from work(On Saturday no less!) I bumped in to Agnes walking in to the building. My 90 year old building crush greeted me with a smile.
"How come ya not at the partay?" She asked while the techno blasted around us.
Un tis un tis un tis
"Eh, you know... Just not my scene"
"I hear ya. I think I'm too young to go there." she ch…