Friday, March 28, 2008

The Real Nerd Word(s): DO NOT WANT

- statement

1. An expression of severe dislike for something.

[ Origin: Once upon a time Star Wars Episode 3 was translated to Chinese, and then subtitled in English. Instead of using the original English text though they went ahead and translated the Chinese back to English. The produced subtitles were not an exact 1 for 1 of the original movie and when it found it's way to the Internet, much hilarity ensued amongst the nerds while watching the newly titled, "Star War - The Third Gathers - Backstroke of the West". In one of the final scenes Anakin(Now Darth Vader) is told that Padme is dead and he screams, "NOOOO!" which when translated to Chinese and back again became, "Do not want."

The phrase quickly grew in popularity as it spread to
YTMND and eventually I can has Cheezburger, and eventually in to the heart of every nerd.

The offending piece can be seen near the end of this youtube clip ]

- antonym

- usage
1. "Fry's has NIC cards on sale for 10 dollars. Let's go"

2. "Here's a picture of me and my mom at the Grand Canyon"
"Dude, she's got her clothes on in this one - DO NOT WANT"

3. Click Me

4. "I was hanging out with Amy and her sister yesterday and..."


  1. I'm ridiculously out of the loop - I'd never heard "do not want!" It's too funny... :)

  2. A few non-nerds have told me that, so maybe it wasn't as wide spread as I had thought. Most of my fellow nerd peeps seemed to be familiar with it though.

  3. one personal DO NOT WANT! i found...

    Breaking News: Nash to Retire After This Season
    By TexSUN
    Posted on Tue Apr 01, 2008 at 03:05:46 AM EDT

    I just can't believe this. Steve Nash has apparently decided to hang them up early, and return to his soccer-playing roots:

    Twelve years, two MVP awards, and two Western Conference Finals appearances after he joined the NBA, Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash has decided to retire from the NBA after this season in order to play for the Spurs--the Tottenham Hotspurs, that is. Nash, a life-long fan of the Spurs revealed last October that he would like to own the team someday. Now, it seems he wants to take the opportunity to play for them as well. "I just feel like the time has come to return to my roots", Nash said. "I will miss the NBA, the fans, and my teammates, but it seems like every year some fluke thing comes up to derail our chances at a championship." Nash said he was "honored" that the Spurs want him on their team, even though he has never played soccer professionally. "This is a great opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream", he said, and while he doesn't expect to be winning MVP awards on the soccer field, Nash knows better than anyone that anything is possible.
    Nash's departure will leave a gaping hole in a Suns team that has depended on him to run Coach Mike D'Antoni's run-and-gun offense to perfection since 2004. It is unknown whether D'Antoni will make good on his oft-cited joke to retire when Nash does.

    Wow, I really don't know what to say. When Nash said "the only window that exists is this year" in that interview last summer, I sure didn't think he meant it that literally. I guess we know what the Suns will be looking for in the draft now.

  4. my teary eyes hope so...*sniff*