Thursday, April 03, 2008

Apparently I'm a Pervert Now

Last weekend the amazing and wonderful Kendall was in town. As such it was time for a trip to the Roosevelt followed by an evening of Rock Band at my house. She was excited because she got to show off Dino, the boy who she'd been allowing to hang out with her lately.

It was my first time meeting him, so I was looking forward to a chance to check him out before I gave him the thumbs down, but he actually seemed alright.

As I entered the Roosevelt and greeted everyone, the peeps were mid-discussion of Jed, another member of Kendall's Man-tourage. Jed is the lead singer of a band who has an.... interesting voice.

"He sounds British when he sings kind of, right?" I asked.

"It sounds like he's trying to hold it in his throat" Dino responded.

Now normally, 2 minutes in to meeting someone, I'd let an opportunity like this fly by. But in this particular case, the kid really slow pitched one right across the plate for me.

"I used to date a girl who did that." I said rather dryly. "Man, it was awesome." I don't think anyone heard the latter half of the sentence as I had suddenly become aware that all of the conversations in the room had simultaneously ceased and everyone was now looking at me. Most everyone erupted in laughter. I shrugged my shoulders and found a seat in the corner to hide.

Later Kendall would inform me that Dino had called me the "Perverted guy".

Oh well, you win some you lose some.

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