Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nerd Words: E-Flirting

This entry and the following are my version of how J.R. should tell his life's story. I'll be writing them as if I were him.

- verb
1. To flirt via an electronic form of communication, especially via myspace.

- noun
1. Someone who partakes in E-Flirting

[ Origin: I originally used the term to describe a series of myspace messages that I had with someone who was probably too young for me to be seriously consiering anything more than a myspace friendship with(10 years my junior) ]

- usage
1. "So is this something serious?"
"Nah, it's just a little harmless E-Flirting"

2. "Dude, this girl has 342 myspace friends, she's a huge E-Flirt"


  1. - usage

    3. "I was just having some fun E-Flirting, but Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC described me as 'a predator'..."

  2. Awesome usage. I award you 2 Internets.