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A black Jetta pulled up outside my house and I jumped in without a moment's hesitation. Hopping in a near stranger's car didn't even crack the top ten list of crazy things I had done in the past month.

In December I had been living in downtown Phoenix in a condo I'd owned for six years, working at a job that I'd held for nine. Life in my thirties had become more or less stable and all together predictable when, in a the span of a couple of weeks, I traded in my hand for a new one. By early January I was living in Seattle, 1250 miles from most of my friends and all of my family. I spent my days working for a new company and my nights struggling to find furniture for my near empty apartment. Save a few key items, most of my possessions had been sold or given away.

When Samantha, a friend of a friend offered to show me around town, I jumped at the chance. As I hopped in to the passenger seat I took a moment to gather myself. I hadn't really taken the time t…