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Top 5: Worst Casting Decisions

5. Shia Labeouf as Harrison Ford's son in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -
Let's first examine the possibility of Indiana Jones actually having a kid.

By now you should have the opening scene of Raiders memorized.  If you don't, go watch it and come back.  I'll wait.

This scene proves without a doubt that Indy couldn't possibly have a child that he didn't know about; He never goes anywhere without a hat, and he always gets out in time.

4. Marlon Wayans as Snails in Dungeons & Dragons -

If I had ten readers, nine of them would think I was joking around right now, but rest assured I'm being serious. In 2000, there was a Dungeons & Dragons movie made, and playing the part of the sidekick was none other than Marlon Wayans, star of 75% of the shows on the WB for the first 3 years it was a network.

Two words for Petr Brodsky and the rest of the four member casting team:
Target Demographic

It took four of you to cast that piece of crap? Real…

Nerd Word(s): The Project

The Project
- noun

1. Something that a nerd is currently devoting most of his time, energy, or thoughts to. Normally this involves building, wiring, constructing, programming, or a combination of many different nerd schools of expertise.
2. The single most attention consuming thought for any true nerd.

[ Origin: Since the dawn of time, nerds have worked on "The Project" ]

- usage
1. "Dude, we're all getting together to watch the Sun's game tonight. You in?"
"Nah, I think I'm just going to stay home and work on The Project"

- see also

- examples
1. The Flying Machine - The Wright Brothers(And others)
2. How To Build a Chair - Me
3. Cale's Bedroom - A project by Sean

Totally Totally Nerd Party 2009

I normally wait till after the party to write a story about how I said something stupid to some girl I don't know, but since this party was sort of The Project for the week, I thought I should advertise a little. If I've neglected to invite someone, let me know and I'll fix that. Also, if you'd like to apply to be the girl I say something stupid to, send an email to:  
All of your favorite Sesquipedalis stars will be there, including Sean, Liang, J.R., and even Flip Cup.  I for one will be hiding in the corner and making awkward conversation.

Sean recently purchased a new house mini-mansion, and to celebrate decided he'd add a little something extra to his annual St. Patty's day party. This year he wanted to get some oversized boxing gloves.

I upped the ante and suggested he rent an inflatable ring as well.

Naturally, we soon found ourselves at a trophy store picking up a trophy that reads, "Drunken Cartoon Boxing Champ 2009"


Do It For Harley

"So I have this friend, named Stephanie, and she's super cute. You should meet her sometime," Mary's IM began abruptly.

"Uh huh..."

It wasn't that I wasn't interested. Far from it. It was more the fact that Mary's a bit crazy, and doesn't even know me that well. Not really. Besides, if this blog has shown us anything it's that first time meetings aren't really my thing.

Mary isn't actually crazy. She's well within the acceptable range of crazy for anyone born a female. She's just a bit of an overachiever and trends towards the higher side of that scale.

We met over a year ago when Geremy brought her to Rock Band night at a local bar. Mine and Erik's band Metallic Brainstem were set to do a two song set list, and she filled in on bass.

Geremy had met Mary in class, and I believe was attempting to set the two of us up. Mary's a lovely girl, but the meeting was a bit like remedial science class at the local high s…

Dad steps up to the plate

Mom knocks it out the park

My dad is a Harley riding, tequila drinking man's man who was in the Air Force for 20 years as an F-15 simulator bad ass.  He grew up on a farm, and mostly spent his time stirring up trouble.  My mother on the other hand is an ex-principal who works for community services, and was raised in a very strict baptist family.  She was a stay at home mother for a few years, and the main caregiver for the family.

Now that I write it out this way, it makes complete sense that my dad is the one constantly reminding us to watch our language, behave, and drive carefully.  When I say "us" I generally mean, "my mother."  It's not that she curses like a sailor or gets out of hand.  It's just that when it comes to a game of "How far are we going to take this joke?", my mother is the champion.  The undisputed champion.

While everyone in my family loves to push the limits without crossing the line, my mother is the proud owner of property far far on the other sid…