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Is Nash taking shots at AI?

I was recently searching for movies on youtube featuring my man-crush Steve Nash. I stumbled upon a few which made me wonder if he was purposely making fun of Allen Iverson or if it was just a coincidence. Since it appears to be Magic Media Month here at Sesquipedalis I decided to share the movies with you(Or is it Awesome Annual Alliteration day?).

To fully understand what I'm talking about you should first watch the now famous footage of Iverson in a post game interview. If you're a basketball fan of any kind you've probably already seen this, but even if you have seen it you'll probably still find it amusing.

Now watch these two videos of Steve Nash

Nerd Word(s): ______ Crush

_____ Crush
- Proper Noun

1. An attraction (generally to) a member of the opposite sex segregated by a specific domain(ie Work Crush)

[ Origin: In my youth I gave up on finding a woman, and therefore gave up on crushes all together. After breaking up with Stacey I decided I needed a crush, and forced myself to have one on a cute Chilean girl in my class. Little did I know it would open the floodgates and I soon found it necessary to label my crushes so as to differentiate them. ]

- examples
1. (ex)Neighbor Crush - You'll have to guess:

2. Building Crush(At work) - Linda?(editor's note: I need a new work crush and will be accepting applications)
3. Famous Crush - Tina Fey
4. Man Crush - Duh
5. Lesbian Crush - Angela
6. Reader Crush - You. Seriously.

Jesse through the ages

My most recent blog crush did an entry with pictures of her in the past. I enjoyed the idea and since my mom recently had me scan in some pictures I thought I'd do the same.

That would be me in the front and Josh in the back. We were(are) rednecks from Arkansas, so I'd assume this is just how things were done. (I thought it best to start with a naked pic to keep the ladies interested)

When I was four we moved to Germany. One of the big things I remember from the time was going on "walks". We would do these long organized walks(Like a team hike, only not so much mountainous). I think I wore that silly hat all over Europe.

At seven years old we returned to the United States to a little place called Arizona and I haven't left since. As we were about to leave Germany my mom and dad sat us down for a family talk.

"How would you feel about having a little brother or sister" they asked.
"Great!" Josh said realizing he'd have another minion to assert h…

Nerd Word(s): You see what I did there?

You see what I did there?
- question

1. A way of (re)pointing out a particularly obvious joke so as to give it more emphasis.
2. A way of pointing out a particularly obscure joke so as to enlighten someone else.

[ Origin: Unknown ]

- usage
1. While watching Star Wars:
Han Solo: She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts
Me: I'm going to start calling your mom the Millennium Falcon.
Sean: *cries like a girl*
Me: Yeah, you see what I did there?

See what I did there?

Geremy(Todd) mentioned to me that he was surprised I hadn't written about this yet. To be honest I just wasn't sure if I was ready to or not, but I think the time has come. I'm ready to talk about it.

Sometimes things just fall in to place out of nowhere, and you think they're perfect. An unexpected love seems like it could never falter as if some invisible hand is writing your story. You put faith in this "thing" because the only logical explanation is that it was fate. This perceived perfection removes even the possibility of things ever "turning sour".

Then you hit the inevitable bump in the road. Suddenly fear takes over. Doubt rushes over you like a tidal wave that you can't possibly stand against. Soon all the things you held to be true in this world are questioned. Was it real? Was it a lie? Is the world truly round?

Eventually we deal with these wounds. It's life. Either they heal, are displaced, or the rift is mended with the once &quo…