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The Developer Trap

About two months ago there was a huge box sitting in one of the spare rooms at our office. I work for a large format printer company so there are always rolls of paper around, and therefore always large cardboard tubes around. Apparently John saw fit to put these two together, combined with an electrical cord, and make a trap.

After some time Sean came across the trap and added a sign, and a nearby empty flat panel monitor box to the trap as "bait".

I'm really not sure how I was not involved in the trap building process. I must have been hard at work that week, but that hardly seems possible. Eventually Sean decided he needed to take pictures of his creation, and wanted a "test dummy" to pose with it.

I'm sure Liang was first choice to trap in a box, but I'm equally sure that he was cranky and argued that he wouldn't do it, so Sean came to me. As is often the case, it didn't take much persuasion to get me to make an ass out of myself.

Sean had the p…

The UFADAR swings both ways/

Jesse gets a new building crush

I really wish I had the writing ability to do this story justice, but you'll have to take my word for it that the real version of this was far more amusing than what I've managed to detail here. That being said, sorry it took so long. For some reason I just couldn't finish it. Sorry for the length. Feel free to stop in the middle and make yourself a sandwich, or some homemade lunchables. If that doesn't work give me a call and I'll read it to you.

"Someone in the building was looking for help with their computer."
"Uhm... yeah..." I responded with a bit of hesitation.

It was Allen, former doorman and now resident of my building, on the other end of the phone. He's the all around good Samaritan kind of guy, so I didn't want to come right out and say it, but normally helping people with their computer ends up being a pain in my ass that I'd rather avoid.

"It's Agnes, do you know her?"
"Red hair? About 4 feet tall?" I…

Nerd Word(s): UFADAR

UFADAR(Universal Formula for Acceptable Dating Age Ranges)
- acronym

1. A formula for deciding whether a person is acceptable for dating based off of their age(Half your age plus seven)

- pronunciation
OOF DAR(Somehow the middle A became silent)

[ Acronym Origin: Me - this post, but credit goes to Geremy for taking it from a bad blog joke to a normal piece of the nerd lexicon through repeated use. ]

[ Formula Origin: First told to me by my friend James, and he's now an MD, so that basically makes it fact. ]

- usage
1. "Wow, that girl is cute"
"Woah, back up dude... way off the UFADAR"

2. "Is his new girlfriend UFADAR compliant? She seems a bit young"