Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nerd Word(s): UFADAR

UFADAR(Universal Formula for Acceptable Dating Age Ranges)
- acronym

1. A formula for deciding whether a person is acceptable for dating based off of their age(Half your age plus seven)

- pronunciation
OOF DAR(Somehow the middle A became silent)

[ Acronym Origin: Me - this post, but credit goes to Geremy for taking it from a bad blog joke to a normal piece of the nerd lexicon through repeated use. ]

[ Formula Origin: First told to me by my friend James, and he's now an MD, so that basically makes it fact. ]

- usage
1. "Wow, that girl is cute"
"Woah, back up dude... way off the UFADAR"

2. "Is his new girlfriend UFADAR compliant? She seems a bit young"


  1. So I could totally slam a 19 year old and not feel guilty about it?

    I don't suppose I ever really have, anyway.

  2. "I don't suppose I ever really have, anyway." - Had sex, or felt guilty?

  3. i'll let you figure that one out.