Friday, January 25, 2008

Nerd Games: The Free Lunch

Generally, sometime around the New Year, I take my coin jar and cash it's contents in for the much more convenient paper form. Three years ago I started offering a free lunch to the person who came closest to guessing the value of the coins in the jar. I would also place my guess.

Unfortunately(for everyone else) I've won three years in a row. This leads to me having a celebratory lunch by myself, which isn't as exciting as it could be. This year I've decided to extent the contest to.... well, anyone who wants to wager a guess. If you don't live in Phoenix and/or I don't know you, then we'd have to work something out, but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

The winner will be decided sometime next weekend, so feel free to comment a guess, email a guess, call, web cam, carrier pigeon, or however you choose to contact me.



1. The location of the dinner must be mutually decided upon, and the value per meal not to exceed 25 dollars.
2. I reserve the right to kick anyone out of the competition for any reason.
3. Results may be modified to ensure the winner is a cute girl who is single and in to short nerds.

Edit: After two guesses now in the 20 dollar range I feel it's impotant to state that the jar is apparently larger than the photos give it credit for. Therefore I took 2 more pictures of it comparing it to a normal sized coke can. It still looks small for some reason though :/




  1. I found a math equation that would let me cheat, but wow, that's a lot of work. So I guess $76.11.

  2. Wait a sec. Why would I want to have lunch with you?

  3. Are we assigning monetary value to the guitar pick? That may force me to change my guess... :)

  4. I was wondering if someone would ask about the guitar pick. Anything non-US dollar is going to be not counted I guess. There's probably a Canadian dollar or two in there somewhere.

  5. 42 dollars and 37 cents

  6. Mikey says $34.21

    I say $52.85

  7. I wanna hump you....and I guess $67.57

  8. one dollar!!!

    the price is right rules apply right???

    and i'm not single, nor female, but i do put out!

  9. I'm going to guess 75 bucks.

  10. Since I work at a bank maybe I'll have better odds?!!!
    My guess would be $139.69
    The cents part is probably to most significant part in the guess though! :)

  11. I wanna be on you....I guess $88 even!

  12. $77.77

    how original eh? And if I win I want that CPK you promised me 4 years ago.