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When You Were Young

Yeah yeah, sorry I've been slow to post.  I'm still working on it, but in the mean time enjoy these photos.
I recently went through and scanned some old yearbook photos and thought I'd share.

Me in 1980.

Me in 1970. I look a little like Austin Powers here.

1968. I was actually up for the part of Davey Jones in the Monkees

1952. Before I won the big drag race against Kiniki.


You can see the full set here

Go to and make your own. Send me the pics!

Good Lines for the First Date

I recently went on a date with a girl. The date itself didn't go that well. Generally speaking people are a little reserved when getting to know someone, but as the date mostly seemed like a bust my inner jackass came out.

The girl had mentioned that she had tried dating a girl in college, but it wasn't for her.

As we walked back to my car I used the remote to unlock the doors.

"Wow, that has really good range" she commented.
"Oh, well it's RF." I explained to a blank stare. "You know? RF? Radio Frequency"
I wasn't sure if "oh" meant she got it or not so I decided to explain further, "Yeah, the car can send it a message if the alarm goes off. It goes both ways, kind of like you back in college."