Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good Lines for the First Date

I recently went on a date with a girl. The date itself didn't go that well. Generally speaking people are a little reserved when getting to know someone, but as the date mostly seemed like a bust my inner jackass came out.

The girl had mentioned that she had tried dating a girl in college, but it wasn't for her.

As we walked back to my car I used the remote to unlock the doors.

"Wow, that has really good range" she commented.
"Oh, well it's RF." I explained to a blank stare. "You know? RF? Radio Frequency"
I wasn't sure if "oh" meant she got it or not so I decided to explain further, "Yeah, the car can send it a message if the alarm goes off. It goes both ways, kind of like you back in college."


  1. What about you going both ways in college? When we gonna get some blog posts about that?

  2. it doesn't really count, because he sucked jesse's dick.

  3. LMAO! That's really witty! Any second date lined up? Oh, and I'm gonna pretend I didn't see Rick and Ben's comments...eyes tightly shut right now ;-)

  4. Oh my lord, Jesse. You know lines like that only work on people like me ;)

  5. Ok,'s the 16th of October and this is STILL your latest blog?!~ What's up with that?
    Anymore "hot" dates since this one?
    Love ya!

  6. Cut me some slack. We're in a recession and so is my blog.