Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Real Nerd Word(s): The Internets

Today's nerd word is an actual word that normal nerds use, and not just some crap that I tend to repeat until it no longer has actual meaning.

The Internets
- a prize

1. The prize for winning an argument or making a particularly amusing statement(Generally on the Internet).

[ Origin: The Internet ]

- synonyms
1. The Internetz

- usage
1. "Oh my god, Zero Punctuation just won the Internetz with their review of Assassin's Creed"
2. "Your post on the thread about Liang's mom was awesome. I award you two Internets"


  1. can you expand on the origin a little bit...i dont quite follow the usage rules of this word... you can use it as "jesse won the internets" as well as "jesse won 2 internets"? does it follow the same rules as the oscars? is it both plural and singular?

  2. Ah yes... you in the back, with your hand up... Adam was it? Good question.

    I guess the origin is nerds on the Internet in general. Over the past year or so I've seen it pop up a lot on message boards and things of that nature.

    I think it started as just a singular. "That's the funniest thing I've ever seen, you just won the Internets", but probably as it progressed there became a need for something more than just winning the Internet. What if somebody posts something amusing that "wins the Internet" and then someone else posts something funnier? Well, then he needs to win 2 Internets.

    The s on the end is a long running joke amongst nerds. People who are non-technical sometimes refer to the Internet as the "Internets". I guess the nerds just took that and ran with it. It's similar to how people call Wal-Mart, "Wal-Mart's".