Sunday, March 16, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, I'm still around

I've just been busy with completely uninteresting things. But just to let you know I thought I'd drop a few random bits on you.

  • Maybe I need to consider older ladies...
    On Saturday there was a big party down stairs. It was "featuring" 3 different DJ's, or so the fliers that were taped to every visible spot of the buildings would have me believe. I'm not much for social gatherings with people that I do know, let alone complete strangers, so I was of course not in attendance.

    Besides Sean's annual St. Patty's day part was that night, and 2 parties on one day and they might revoke my nerd card.

    As I returned from work(On Saturday no less!) I bumped in to Agnes walking in to the building. My 90 year old building crush greeted me with a smile.
    "How come ya not at the partay?" She asked while the techno blasted around us.
    Un tis un tis un tis
    "Eh, you know... Just not my scene"
    "I hear ya. I think I'm too young to go there." she chuckled a little.
    Maybe I really do like this girl?

  • My favorite joke
    Despite the fact that it's not that amusing I love being a party and asking people, "What comes before Part-B?"

  • Fun with Google...
    My blog keeps track of a few things, like how people end up here. Here's a few interesting things I've learned...

    If you go to Google images and enter "Tina Duh" a picture of Ruthie and I shows up 4th.

    "Chilean girl" and "I Crush you" will both lead to the same picture although the latter doesn't show up till page 2.

    An inordinate number of people hit my blog after searching for "Shirley Manson Feet"

  • Random Recognition... sort of.
    Someone randomly found the Developer Trap movie and posted it on their own blog. It spread to a few different blogs. I think some people believed it was a movie I made as a way to help recruit developers. Little did they know, it was just me not wanting to actually work at work.

  • Something more interesting than this
    The very sexy and interesting Rose, who happens to also be Sesquipedalis's second biggest fan writes in to say:
    Dear Sesquipedalis. You're white, you should check out the following site:

    Okay, it happened nothing like that, but she's at home blushing as she reads that, and I'm nothing if not kind to my 3 readers.

Alright, this post is proof that the well has gone completely dry. My mom did mention, "I've got a cute new girl who works for me. Her name is Hope." Chances are there won't be any good stories there though, so if you need to swing the bat and hook me up with a cute, slightly nerdy girl so I can embarrass myself with her and then write about it, that'd be swell... Not for me you know, for the readers.

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