Friday, March 28, 2008


"Man", the little IM notification popped up with Sean's typical greeting that let me know there was something more coming. "Non technical people are dumb."

"Yeah" I agreed without taking a moment to consider what was spurring this attack on the non-nerds socially adept of the world.

"My sister just sent me some forwarded email about a ZOMG virus that was apparently verified by Snopes, but when I went to Snopes it says it's a hoax. Looking at the email it had been forwarded to the entire staff at her office."

"Yeah, I had to shut a few people down on the forwards a while back" I explained. "It's a hard subject to broach at times depending on the person. I felt really bad telling my mom it was all BS. I mean... she really wanted that 50 dollar Applebee's gift certificate"

"Well, did she at least get that big check from Bill Gates for forwarding you the message?" he asked.

"Shockingly no. I'm assuming it was a postal error though."

"Man, I think some people just get dumb when they're on the computer." he continued the original thought, "Nobody would fall for this crap in real life"

"Yeah, if somebody called and said they were a wealthy Nigerian Prince and needed your help, most people would reply, 'And I'm the queen of Sheba asshole' and hang up. I guess when it comes in email form it must be true though."

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