Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nerd Her Word(s): Boyfriend Tax

Note from the editor: My friend Nikki posted this as a response to my entry about Girlfriend Tax.  It's pretty solid, so I'm cleaning it up and posting it.  

If I'm reading it correctly she's saying the average woman will oftentimes willingly trade sex for money.  I believe there's a word for that, but I don't recall at the moment.

Boyfriend Tax
- noun

1. The physical activities that a woman feels obligated to perform as repayment of girlfriend tax.

[ Origin: Nikki, apparently ]

- usage
1. “OMG…you will not believe how tired and sore I am this morning”
“Why? Did you stay up late again last night?”
“Yes, Tommy still thinks that I owe him BF tax to pay him back from the trip to New York last month”
“Really? I thought he did that to be spontaneous and romantic?”
“Please, you should know that he only spent the GF tax just to get some BF tax”

2. “I’ve had to go to the chiropractor 6 times in the last month because of the BF tax I’ve been putting out”

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  1. Yeah...I finally got noted in your blog. :) Although it wasn't quite as I anticipated.

    And seriously....how many comments noted in history have referenced "The more expensive the meal she orders = the more chance one has of getting laid" ???

    (i.e. "YES!! She ordered lobster" as opposed to "Oh NO! She ordered a house salad and water"

    Hmmm....that's my point...BF Tax in a nutshell

  2. Nikki: You, me, sushi at Nobu at the Hard Rock hotel in Vegas? I'll bring the ball gag, leather restraints, and Chinese midget.

    And Jesse, you forgot a usage...

    3. "Sean's mom pays the BF tax nightly, and doesn't even make any GF income."

  3. I like how you balanced it out: a girlfriend tax & a boyfriend tax. Way to be equitable.


  4. Boyfriend tax? Pffft. Steak dinner, and I'm getting lucky? That's hardly a tax!

  5. Hey Jo,

    Can I buy you a steak?

    Seriously though... I get where you're coming from Nikki, but of all people, you should realize who's blog you're posting this on.

    You bring up an interesting point though. I used to have a whole "thing" about what a girl ordered. It never really translated to sex, but then nothing in my life ever does. Maybe that's my problem?