Friday, February 20, 2009


You'll have to excuse the slightly self serving nature of this post. I'd like to have something better put together, but today has been go-go-go nonstop, and yet I feel the need to say something.

I've re-written this post about three times now, but how do you follow something like Shaq? When I sent the story to Basketbawful and True Hoop this morning, I thought maybe I'd get a few extra hits, and maybe someone would enjoy the story. Turns out I did get a few more than my typical 30-70 hits:

Shaq Effect

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the emails, nice comments, and "tweets". I hope to spend some time this weekend responding to everyone I can, but no promises. Despite my tongue-in-cheek bitching, I figure maybe I'll give this thing a shot. Feel free to follow me and tell me I'm a dork:

And please tell Sean he has a big head:

My email is on the right(As is my twitter now), so feel free to say hi.

Goodnight to the nerd-o-sphere, and congrats to Shaq and the Suns on the win. The Big Diesel's line for the night?

22 points, 9 boards, 36,986 hits.


  1. I too found you through the Twitter buzz re: Shaq. You're a funny, funny writer...even without Shaq.

  2. I'm glad I found you guys.

    My respect for Shaq-tus has doubled.

  3. OMG, ur like, totally famous n stuff now!! ^_^

    I knew your blog would amount to something more than just a guilty pleasure for your fellow nerds. ;)

  4. Just remember to tell The Big Twitter about Basketbawful next time you run into him. Plus, if you could get him to sign a hamburger bun for me, I'd be very grateful.

  5. Crazy....

    I was getting my pop culture fix at and was reading the story about the kids meeting shaq.

    And there was YOU.

    Well done. You are a bigtymer.

  6. Quick put some ads on your page. You can make some money off of this.

  7. ... yeah, awesome story... isn't the internet great.

  8. Wow, that is quite a spike! I too read the blog from Twitter. Great story re: Shaq.