Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Edit: Added #4

I've been busy with life, work, and most importantly the 2007 playoffs starting again, and as such the blog is falling a tad behind. With that in mind I give you the second edition of, "Things you should be reading right now instead of this"

1. My main man Erik, star of such amazing stories as Why Erik and Jesse don't get Invited to Weddings Anymore and Una Vez has recently set off to Brazil in pursuit of happiness and adventure. I personally believe that he thinks that his chances are better with girls that don't speak the same language that he does, but that's beside the point. He's started a blog which can be found here:

If he doesn't keep up with it, feel free to email him and harass him as much as possible.

2. Most likely inspired by the awesomeness that is my blog, Rose has decided to post some entries from her "Guerrilla Blog". The assumption is that she'll start adding new entries, but one can never be too sure when it comes to Rose.


3. Last but not least I'd like to direct your attention to a blog that I stumbled upon via "How I met Your Mother" written by a girl named Stefi. It's a solid blog, and has content dating a ways back.


4. A few weeks ago I met Ruth and Rachel's friend Bridget who pointed me to her friend Rori's blog. I normally wouldn't pay it much attention, but it's a blog about one of my favorite subjects; it's a blog about food. Specifically, chain restaurants. Once Bridget(AKA Princess Lovey Dovey) told me that Rori had a tendency to give people odd nicknames, I promptly confessed undying love. So, if you're looking for reviews of chain restaurants, or just want to read my future wife's writing, check it out.


Stay tuned for more stories involving me .

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