Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Elevator Humor...

Yesterday was a big day for me... I had two tickets to the Sun's playoff game against the Lakers. Sean N had two tickets also. In the past year, I have watched him grow from fan to super fan. He came in to the office wearing his new Barbosa jersey and started getting me psyched for the game.

By lunch time he was in a frenzy, so we made a trip to the mall for corn dog nuggets and to pick me up a Nash jersey to wear to the game. While we were there, we stopped by the photo booth and took some couple's photos that I think turned out rather nicely. All in all I'd say it was the quintessential trip to the mall.

I tried to get some inside information out of Sean about Nash. Since Sean is also a Canadian I assumed he knew him from the meetings or something, but he was too busy drawing hearts around Leandro Barbosa pictures to respond.

Eventually it was time to go meet Mory for dinner(She was my date for the game), so I packed up and headed out. As I left, there was a woman in the elevator who asked if I was going to the game(I was wearing a Nash jersey and talking to a coworker about the game, so it was probably pretty obvious).

"Yeah, I'm excited. Should be a good game"
"I'm going too"
At this point I feigned excitement and responded, "Maybe I'll see you there!!! I'll be the one in the Nash jersey"

I thought it was a somewhat funny joke since:
A) I had just said I was going to the game, and was wearing the jersey.
B) 85% of the people in the crowd would have on the same outfit that I did.

Apparently I was wrong because she looked at me like I had just been dropped off by the short bus. The small talk continued for a moment, but she quickly took off after the doors opened.

On the bright side, the Suns crushed the Lakers.


  1. I doubt it was "short bus" vibe. I'll bet it was "intimidated" vibe. That's why the ladies are intimidated by you, aside from your boyish good looks of course. You're just too damned witty.

  2. I agree with Erik. That's why I was always not wanting to get involved with you...oh, no wait, I'm the one that's wanted you forever. Of course, now I'm happy and you're going to die with a Shamanic Transistion Specialist, but I digress.

  3. That would make an awesome blog post if I could remember half of the details Rose. Maybe you should ghost write it for me. People would probably be shocked though if I suddenly started being funny and making sense.

    I guess you'll have to throw a few grammatical errors in there for me and some bad puns. I expect it on my desk no later than EOB Monday.

  4. The joke was probably over her head.