Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rant of the Day: Twins

One of the more interesting things about knowing a set of cute twins is everyone else's reaction to them. I've probably had the following conversation or one quite similar to it more times than I could count using only my own digits.

"So what do your neighbors do?", asks random nerd #1
"Oh, they both work for Dillards"
"Wait, they work together and live together?"
"Yeah, they pretty much do everything together"
"... everything? Dude... everything?"

At this point I'm normally subjected to either a nudge and wink, or a glorious "high five". Sometimes I'll play stupid just to see how long it will go for.

"Yeah, most everything. They went to school together... and... let me see..."
"But dude. Twins... that's like the ultimate fantasy"

It should be noted that 9 out of 10 of these conversations are had with guys that are just as "female interaction challenged" as I am or worse. After a while I normally decide to end the conversation.

"First of all...You took your cousin to the prom. What makes you think you could handle twins? You haven't gotten to second base with a girl in sixth months... and you're married. Second of all, you couldn't deal with either one of these girls individually let alone both at the same time. They're all energetic and all over the place. A "busy" day for you is 3 hours of Wii and pizza delivery. 2 hours of just trying to talk to Ruthie and you'd be crying in the corner, and Rachel... well, Rachel could probably get you there in half that time."

"Yeah... but... dude... twins. I'm just saying"


  1. I thought I was dating twins once for a whole evening, but then I realized that we were just sitting next to a big mirrored wall...what a let down.

  2. I definitely know what you mean about those questions!!! The twins are addictive for any guy they meet. I call it a spell. They are moving so fast you don't know what else to do but follow along, and then you're hooked. I've heard it all too. "So wait, they both moved back, live together, work together, and drive the same exact car in different colors?" They are so great I'm not surprised the nerds are after them too!