Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ballers Use Tide - The evolution of a joke

If there's one thing I can do in this world, it's take a joke that's only mildly funny, and run it in to the ground. Around a year ago I was pleased to find that a coworker of mine, Sean N, shared the exact same trait. You may remember Sean from such previous works as the portrait of two girls riding on a dolphin.

When I first met Sean, his friend J.R. had gotten him calling everything "Baller". Soon I was using "Baller", Sean L was using "Baller"... "Baller" usage was spiraling out of control at the office.

Just as the "Baller" phenomenon started to die down the following picture was taken with the simple caption, "This is how Ballers do the laundry"

Soon a comment showed up that read, "Ballers Use Tide"

After that, the word Baller was often replaced with Tide. "Man, that car is so Tide", etc.

I later saw a video by Chingy that started with the comment, "Do you want to know what the definition of a Baller is? It's me"

Finally, not wanting to let an opportune moment to poke fun at J.R. slip away, Sean set out to create a website dedicated to the obscure joke in a community fashion, and thus www.ballersusetide.com was born.

So, feel free to stop by and laugh at lame nerd jokes, or add your own. Also feel free to digg it.

Note: the content of the site is user driven, and therefore will eventually be Not Safe For Work.

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  1. Wow... not only have I finally made the blog, but my picture is up on it, too. That's totally baller.

    I imagine I'll be fighting the ladies of Phoenix off in droves now. But I suppose that's the price of being a baller... =)