Monday, March 19, 2007

My piano, okay. My guitar, maybe. My flute... Really? (Piano)

The month following the guitar incident I was constantly asked my opinion on different guys. I'd often tell the story, or use it as a reference.
"At least this new guy didn't try to woo you with my guitar"

In early January I purchased a little midi keyboard/piano to plug in to my computer. I took a year of lessons when I was about 9, so I thought, 21 years later, I probably still "had it" and should see what I could do. On my third night of owning the keyboard, Rachel came over to visit. She had mentioned earlier that she had taken lessons, and as such, I asked her if she'd play something for me. After a little bit of bashfulness she agreed and walked over to the keyboard, which sat on top of my computer desk.

At the time I was working on my laptop, which also sits on my desk. As she began to play, a guy who will be known as suitor #84 came in to my room, saw the piano, and his face lit up(He plays the piano).

"Nice keyboard. Do you know the other half of heart and soul." He asked as he walked up and wedged himself between me and Rachel.

"Eh, not really" I lied. I wasn't really in the mood for a group sing a long, but that didn't stop 84.

At this point Ruth had come in, and she was soon followed by Eldad(Rachel's boyfriend). After further questioning she agreed to be the other half of the duet and I wondered how the same thing had happened yet again. I took my laptop and went out to the balcony to finish working on whatever it was I had been working on. Nobody really seemed to notice, and for that I was thankful.

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