Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nerd Word(s): Playing the role

Playing the role
- verb

1. Doing something you normally wouldn't do. Most often with regards to a member of the opposite sex.

[ Origin: In Mallrats Brody's(Jason Lee) girlfriend asks, "You really want to know?" to which he responds, "I asked, didn't l? I'm playing the role of the concerned guy" ]

- usage
"So what did you do for Valentine's day?"
"I played the role"

"He's totally playing the role. He's at Bed Bath and Beyond right now picking out curtains instead of watching the game."

- examples
Over the past 4 months I've probably made my bed around 50 times. That's approximately 50 times more than I had in the previous 15 years. Why? Ruthie told me she likes a "made bed"

When I first started dating Stacey I would shave daily even going against the grain because she didn't like stubble when we kissed.

- see also
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  1. My mom uses that phrase when she's talking about my dad's knack for always feeling worse at any moment than she is.... even when she's running a 105 fever.