Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Second base with Aunt Sharon

After hiking on Saturday I went home, rested up and then headed to Geremy's to get ready for the Halloween party. Geremy had called to inform me that he had made a few "special modifications" to his Robin costume, which was a bit of a cause for concern. I didn't pay it much attention though because I was still trying to figure out a way to avoid looking like I weighed 350 lbs. in my costume.

I arrived at G's place and went up stairs to find that he had removed the legs and arms from his costume. It actually looked pretty amusing. At this point, he was trying to figure out how to make his "Bat Bulge" look bigger. I threw my costume on and as I came out he tossed me a weird object to use for my bulge. It's hard to describe, but it was similar to a clear bean bag filled with a thick liquid. I inserted it(Outside the undies, inside the costume), and I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but it was pretty comfortable.

"So what is this thing anyhow?"
"Oh, that's Aunt Sharon's boob."
"What the hell does that mean? Is that code for something?"
"No, she had her implants replaced and gave me her old ones"
"I've got a removed breast implant from some lady I don't know in my crotch!?!"
"Eh, okay. You ready to go?"

We hopped in the batmobile, and headed off. With the top down, the capes were flowing out the back, and we were blasting the theme to the original Batman TV show the whole night. We made a few stops to show off the look, and then headed to the party.

The party was everything you'd expect. I saw plenty of sexy costumes, cute girls, people passed out, people throwing up, beer pong, half naked girls, half naked guys, and tasteless costumes.

We made a big splash with our costumes and antics:
Batman and Robin

Half way through the night, with at least a few drinks in him, Robin decided that he was tired of following in Batman's footsteps and claimed his independence. Batman found him later dressed in only a cape, mask, and a pair of tighty whities explaining to some poor girl, rather loudly, "Robin is my slave name! I no longer answer to that"

Seeing him in his tighty whities was quite the shock so I yelled at him from across the party ,"I told you not outside of the Batcave!" We had a slight back and forth, and he left to play beer pong.

One intersting thing about having a fake bulge is that women feel it's acceptable to touch it. One poor girl had been touching Geremy's all night and failed to realize he had removed it once he was down to his skivvies.


  1. Why did his aunt give him her old implants??????????????

  2. I'm pretty sure "Aunt Sharon" isn't his Aunt, although I really don't know. Maybe we can get the man himself to respond on who "Aunt Sharon" is.

  3. "I've got a removed breast implant from some lady I don't know in my crotch!?!"

    ...and ten minutes later, I'm still laughing. :)

  4. k, to clarify, aunt sharon was my friend tom's hot aunt in high school. apparently she knew we thought this and gave me her old'uns when she picked up some new'uns.

    and having chicks grab my man bag all night was enjoyable, whether or not they were aware of it. sorta complementary really. hope that helped. now off to fight crime elsewhere!!!