Friday, October 06, 2006


I've been told by numerous people, "I tried to read your blog, but it's really long." While my gut instinct is to respond with, "You should try not moving your lips when you read it, it makes it go faster." I figure maybe I should give shorter entries a try. With that in mind, today we have three smaller stories, and instead of jumbling them all together and making an overly verbose entry, I'll leave them as three smaller tales that are overly verbose.

First, let's take a step back and explain the blog, the point, and the name.

Originally the point was to kind of chronicle my mostly uninteresting stories concerning the aftermath of my relationship with Stacey. We had dated for 6 years, and then I suddenly found myself unwillingly thrust back in to the single world. It's a world I was never familiar with in the first place, so to find myself faced with it in my late 20's has been less than optimal. I'm not much for dating, or social situations, but it has thus far been an interesting ride that I've been mostly happy to be on.

My hope was that in a year, a few years, or a few decades whenever I'm done and settled down I can look back and see all the stupid stuff I did that led up to the point of me rejoining the world of the mundane, the content, the coupled.

Since then I've expanded it a little to contain other topics. My goal was to write one entry a week, but unfortunately my dating life isn't exciting enough to sustain that, so other topics needed to be covered.

The name, sesquipedalis, quite literally means a foot and a half in Latin, which I find somewhat amusing given my diminutive stature, but the significance is a little more than that. A derivative of the word was first used by the writer Horace when ragging on another writer saying that he used, "Foot and a half long words". The word sesquipedalian now means a person who uses big words, or talks too much. I believe the latter applies to me more than the former.

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