Sunday, May 04, 2008

Epic Fail: Jesse Clarifies

Edit: How did I fail at a post about Failure? The original intro to this post I mixed up the names Mandi and Misty. I apologize, and will never post again when absolutely and completely drunk. Thanks to J.R. for pointing out my error.

I've received a few comments about "that girl Misty". The only Misty I've ever known was a girl I worked with at Pizza Hut, and that was 10 years ago. In case you're wondering, she was cute, red-headed, and I was in love. I struck out with her too. Enough about that though...

Apparently my series of "How To Sesquipedalify Your Life" entries were a bit confusing, and in need of explanation.

One of the biggest issues with the way blogger works is that the older posts are lower on the page, so if you don't read them as they're published, and instead read from the top down(The more intuitive way), then you read them out of order. So, I apologize for the confusing nature of the story. I try to break them down sometimes to make them easier to read, and easier for me to write, but on a number of occasions it gets a little confusing.

That said, I'll go back and try to make it more clear of what I was getting at, but for the time being(This post may self-destruct eventually), I'll go ahead and explain it here too.

I had the idea to write a post about how I write a post. It was supposed to be a story about how I take something very small in my life and turn it in to an entire entry. A "How To Make Your Life Sound Exciting" even though it's not so to speak. As an example, I wanted to use a story from someone else's life. I'd had the idea a long time ago, and once J.R. told me about this girl Misty he had met, I thought I'd found the perfect opportunity. I would take his story, and present it as he did to me. Then I'd take the same story and present it how I would present it on this blog.

I've gone ahead and reordered the blog entries so that they're all in the order that they should be read now, from top to bottom, but you can also find the proper order here.

1. Nerd Words: Reset the Timer - A "Nerd Word" accompanying the introductory entry, "Sesquipedalify your life"

2. How To's: Sequipedalify Your Life - What was supposed to be an introduction.

3. J.R.'s Weekend: The J.R. Version - J.R.'s version of the story

4. Nerd Words: E-Flirting - A "Nerd Word" accompanying the Sesquipedalis version of the story

5. J.R.'s Weekend: The Sesquipedalis Version - The Sesquipedalis version of he story.


  1. I wasn't going to say anything... :)

  2. Yeah, what a dork. It's not often that I'm actually embarassed, but that did it. Oops.