Thursday, May 08, 2008

TV Show Reviews: LOST


When I was in Junior High they used to sell these lollipops for $1.25. They were grossly over priced, but sold pretty well since all the guys used to buy them for this girl Crystal who was in my science class.

Class would come screeching to a halt as the boys, with hormones running wild, would watch intently and completely ignore the teacher. At that age, I doubt half of the kids knew why it was exciting, it just was. It didn't really matter though, most of us still watched.


  1. Ok, seriously...I thought that it was Freshman year in math and the boys used to by ME the blow pops because I got really into sucking my sucker! :) That's how I got to be so good....I think you need to check your memory bank.
    Love ya though....

  2. That was Freshman year at your birthday party. We were all staring, and by that time, we knew why. And it wasn't a lollipop.

  3. You're just not right! ;)

  4. Back in the 80s and 90s we used to watch Michael Jordan play for the Bulls, and we'd talk about how he was a great player and laugh at some of the incredible things he did. In actuality, we were being privileged to have the chance to watch the greatest basketball player of all time, and one who likely won't be surpassed for a long time.

    I think we're currently experiencing the same event with LOST. We're lucky enough to be living through the first-run broadcast of what could arguably be the best mystery/drama tv show of all time, and one that we'll talk about and look back fondly upon 10 years from now, 20 years from now, etc. We should appreciate having this opportunity to see the LOST story unfold "live" before our eyes.