Monday, August 13, 2007

The Sesquipedalis Year in Review: Report Card

The blog has been a bit dead lately, and for that I apologize, but like Lindsay Lohan and a coke dealer, or Augustus Gloop at an all you can eat buffet, I'm back and you can be sure I'll be checking in frequently. Edit: I was told after having written this, on a totally unrelated subject, that "You should never apologize for your work". I apologize for my writing quite often. Sorry for all of the apologies.

It's hard to believe that I've been pushing this crap out for a year now, and even harder to believe that somebody has actually cared enough to read it(Thanks Mom). It seems like only yesterday I was a spikey haired nerd without a beard, living day to day, over analyzing my life and interactions with members of the opposite sex. But now, some 12 months and almost a hundred posts later I've matured, I've moved forward I've... well, basically nothings changed.

I shouldn't say nothing has changed. A lot has actually changed around me in the past year. I just don't think I've changed all that much. Feelings of lack of growth aside, let's take a trip back and look at some of the hits and misses from the past year.

Female Relations:
I think my female relationships over the past year can best be described with the following picture:

I'd be the one on the left in this picture(Actual size)

I wasn't sure if that joke would make sense so I went ahead and translated it from English to Japanese and then back again to English. It's good enough for DVD player instructions, it's good enough for Sesquipedalis.(Credit goes to News Radio for this joke)

Jesse thank you! But as for our king women there is another castle

Grade: D-

Non-romantic type relations:
Aside from the romantic stuff, I'd give the "friend's" department a pretty big thumbs up. I lost a few on the way this year, but I also met a lot of people. Having hot neighbor twins is a bit like being best friends with the quarterback in high school. Sure I'm not the most popular girl in school, but at least I get invited to all the parties.

The good news is I've gotten to branch out and meet a lot of types of people I never would have met otherwise. The twins have a way such that even my turtle shell like defense doesn't normally hold out long, and I end up having to be somewhat social.

Grade: B+

My #1 goal this year was to just get out, be more social, and do things that I normally wouldn't do. As stated previously, mission accomplished on that front. I've gone as far as actually ordering a beer while on a work trip to Chicago. Oddly enough, the tap broke while they were pouring mine, so I took it as a sign from the giant spaghetti monster that it was time to get back on the wagon and ordered a Coke.

Other, lesser goals didn't fair so well. As far as female interactions go, I think I got more play from my soon to be sister-in-law(That story coming sometime) than anyone else.

I did beat the new Legend of Zelda and Super Mario, and as you can imagine, to a nerd those are quite important goals.

Grade: A-

Overall the past year gets about a B-. I'd say things have progressed in a positive manner, and I'm certainly no worse off than I was last year, but it did seem like for every time I hopped on the express way this year there was a traffic jam, or flat tire to slow me down.

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