Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nerd Word(s): The Ten PM Rule

The Ten PM Rule
- words to live by

1. No writing personal emails after Ten at night.

[ Origin: I used to go visit Ana a lot, and it was a long drive back to my house from Chandler. I had a major crush on her, so the drive home was usually spent thinking about her and how the evening had gone. When I got home I'd generally have a whole new set of things that I wanted to talk to her about so I'd write an email that was usually overly wussy and emo.

After a while I had to make a rule: "No more emails after 10 pm". ]

- usage
1. Yeah, I almost wrote you a reply, but I had a lot to say and it was after 10 so I figured it could wait till the morning.


  1. this doesn't count as writing something.... fyi.

  2. i agree with unmatched_fabulous.

  3. Probably a good rule.

    I used to work with a guy whose #1 rule was: "Always discard the first draft of every email."

    He explained that the first draft was just for helping him to work out whatever idiotic crap he felt at the time. He could then write a little more reasonably in the second draft, if a second draft even seemed necessary.

  4. this post was a bigger letdown than fruit stripes gum...yea I went there

  5. you know, i was just on 'bawful's blog a moment ago. you wouldn't believe how demanding and overly critical some of it's readers are! i mean they act like spoiled brats if what is written doesn't meet their recockulous standards!

    i'm just thankful to be back here where stuff like that doesn't hap...