Friday, April 24, 2009

The Blog Serves a Purpose

I feel like I've been taking more crap than a Dutch porn star about my blog lately. People aren't happy with this post or that post, or they're not happy with the frequency of posts. Well, there's a lot going on, and it's sort of hard to distill it all down to a manageable story for the blog. I realize in retrospect that I posted the last "Nerd Words" a bit early, since this entry doesn't use the term. I just double checked though, and it turns out that I don't care too much.

I'd like to take the time to write out this entire story before posting it as this story sets up the base for a few more, but I feel the need to post something. So, let's just wing it and see how it goes, shall we?

In the mean time, if anyone out there would like a job ghost writing for Sesquipedalis feel free to email me.

In 2007 I somehow ended up on a "Social Networking" site. I believe I was lured in by a test that promised to either tell me which light saber color I am, or which Firefly character I would be. A few months later I figured, "What the hell?" and filled out my profile. .

After the initial rush of talking to a few girls online, I mostly forgot about the account. The thing with these online sites is that single, sane women are jumped on like the last Miller Lite at a frat party about two seconds after they sign up. As a guy, you have to do something to set yourself apart from the crowed and selling "Jesse" isn't exactly my strong suit. With that in mind, I threw up a brief description of myself and a link to the blog. I figured if anyone had a genuine interest in me, a glance at the stories here would relieve them of the ailment.

Back in November I took a glance around to see if there was anyone new and interesting in the area, and to my surprise there was. Near the top of my match list was a girl named Jo. She was short, redheaded, slightly nerdy, and funny. Really funny. She even mentioned playing Wii in her profile. For a short kid with big feet this was like finding a ring in a cave that makes you invisible.

Despite the fact that I had only viewed an online profile, I was already too intimidated to talk to her. I spent a week working up the sack to send an email. I read and reread her profile thinking of witty things to say. A few self affirmation speeches, a prayer service, and a pep talk from Mory later and I finally landed on something resembling, "Will you marry me?". I immediately regretted sending the email and cried myself to sleep assuming I'd blown my chance with the girl.

The expectations were low, and the e-crush at a manageable four until a few days later when I received a rather lengthy response including the statements, "Wii bowling is rad" and "The other day I applied for a job with the Obama administration, saying that I should be the Secretary of the Internets."

The e-crush was now climbing at an alarming rate.

It turned out that Jo had not only viewed my profile, but also spent a decent portion of an afternoon reading through the blog. Even more surprising is that she still chose to respond.

Jo was living in Chicago, but had plans to move to Phoenix. She explained that she had changed her profile to say "Phoenix" in hopes of meeting some decent peeps to hang out with after the move. I read through her blog(Which you can now find linked on the side of mine), and we were soon exchanging emails on a semi-regular basis. To say that I was excited for her "early 2009" move to Phoenix would be an understatement.


  1. Ah yes, the "which light saber are you" test.

    I can definitely relate to trying to stand out from the swarm on that site. I'm fairly certain that just last week I failed in my attempt to do just that with a girl right here where I live. By all accounts we should have hit it off, yet, I'm fairly certain that at this point I'm just one more of many guys that she wishes would stop trying to talk to her.

  2. Yeah right. If you're a purple lightsaber, then I'm Jayne.

    That post sucked, and you have a small penis.

  3. Dear Jesse,

    I read her blog. You need to keep proposing until she says yes, because she rocks. Even I have a crush on her.



  4. You blog how you want to blog and screw everybody else. What are they paying you? If they are not they can have a warm glass of shut-the-eff-up and shut the eff up. And I'd offer my ghost writing services, but I can barely post on my own blog.

    Keep the faith brother.

  5. Come on, give us the link to her blog. We want to be able to make comments as the self-proclaimed nerds start their mating rituals.

    We're just here to help, Jesse!

    MIT Guy

  6. UF,

    Glad you approve. Or at least I think that's what that means.


    I was just discussing this with a coworker. It always seems like there's a fine line between showing interest, and annoying the hell out of a girl. There might be a post about this in the near future... maybe.

    Your mom said it was enough.

    Oh, don't you worry. The proposals shall continue.

    I was just trying to stir up some crap. Seems like not many people that I read regularly are blogging lately.

    The link has been there for a while. It's under "Additional Time Killers." You might want to wait till I finish the story to start annoying her though. Also, you might want to keep in mind that she doesn't take any crap, so you better play nice.

  7. Me, not play nice? Did I hear the gaunlet hit the floor?

    OK...ok, I'll let you play it out your way. Your can make the rules. I guess I was one of your three loyal readers to click on her link before [somehow, she has your readership waaaay over-estimated at 10]. I didn't click on her blog since after the VD "contest" that I should have won. Jo would have been a good runner-up. And if you had to make a mistake, you made the mistake in the right way.

    So, we now need to come up with a way for you to spend enough time with Jo that you generate good blog material, but not so much time that you don't have time to write a new entry every other day or so...