Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top 5: Things that you should be reading instead of this right now

In my extensive pursuit of blogging mediocrity I've oftentimes found myself reading other's writings in hopes that I might somehow emulate what I perceive as their superior story-telling ability. I find it quite interesting to see what the other denizens of the anonymity stricken Internet have to say to the world, and with that in mind I felt it was time to share my top 5 picks for things you should be reading instead of my crap, and more importantly why.

1. Hatte - An Internet acquaintance of mine with a unique sense of humor. I didn't even know he had an online journal until I randomly stumbled across it and proceeded to read it in its entirety from start to finish. It really is more of a journal than anything, and some posts may be simple, or not particularly relevant to the random passerby, but it is all written well, and interesting. That being said, you're doing yourself a grave injustice if you don't read this post.

2. Basketbawful - A humor blog mostly discussing the darker side of the NBA. It should be noted that while the topic is most often Basketball, the discussion is often more important than the topic itself. Take for example this entry.

3. Mandi - Ever dreamed of being a 27 year old girl studying to be a nurse while living in Missoula Montana? No? Well, me neither. But surprisingly enough that makes for a good blog. In fact, Mandi's blog is probably the best example on my list of what I think a blog should be. The blog is the general day-to-day thoughts of someone I(you) don't know, but after reading it start to finish you get some insight in to someone else's world.

4. Tyler Durden - What Would Tyler Durden Do? is a website devoted to reporting news about celebrities and then poking fun at them. I've never been much to pay attention to such things, but the site is probably the most consistently funny thing I've ever read. For the inspiration behind Sean's whiteboard art see this post.

5. Miscellaneous -
Allen - Allen is my doorman at the landmark, and as cheesy as it sounds, he's not just my doorman, but a good friend. I probably average 10 or 15 minutes a day chatting with him and the goings on of our lives. He'd get a full spot to his own on the list, but he's still currently lacking in quantity of posts.

Mikele - Mikele is one of my good friends from High School, and she keeps a blog that mostly pertains to the raising of her children. If you know Mikele and read her blog in "her voice" then you can't help but love the blog. If you don't know Mikele... well, then I'm not sure how much you'll enjoy the pictures/stories about her children, but maybe you should try it and find out.

Tsakiki - An online friend that I met playing, "Final Fantasy Online". The writing is good and the information abundant, but if you don't play Final Fantasy, there's probably not a lot of interest.

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