Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nerd Words: My Main Man

My Main Man
- nickname

1. A close friend

[ Origin: In the Engineering program at ASU Erik and I had a lot of Indian classmates. One of Erik's classmates always called him, "My Main Man". Erik stole the saying from him, and I stole the saying from Erik. ]

- see also
My homie

- usage
1. "What is up my main man?"
2. "Erik. My main man. Get over here."


  1. I miss you, my main man! How is Landmark getting along without me? I'm sure everyone is dressing in black and mourning my! I hope you're doing well! Take care!

  2. I prefer to use the term "Maine man" as in, "someone Jessica Fletcher would be after on another exciting episode of Murder, She Wrote". Man, I love that show.

  3. Allen,

    I think the people of the Landmark are mourning the loss of the their Condo more than anything. I went to the last meeting, and things aren't looking great.

    This "Maine" sounds interesting. I believe that's where they get the hamsters.