Monday, June 16, 2008

Where we're going. Where we've been.

It's been a while since I've posted. I'd like to say that it's because I've been working on some amazing and humorous stories, but that's not necessarily the case.

Sesquipedalis Year 2 is drawing to a close, and I find myself in need of a new direction for the blog. The amusing thing about writing a blog is you start off thinking, "Man I've got some funny stuff to write", but then 3 weeks later you've written those 2 stories that were really "money" and you're left winging it for the remainder of the blog, which for most people is about 4 entries in.

Year 1 was all about me and my inability to function socially, especially when relating to members of the opposite sex. Through the significant efforts of a few people, most notably a couple of fantastic neighbors, I've worked through the majority of those issues.

Year 2 I branched out a little and tried to share more of my people(Nerds) culture, and do some more off-topic type pieces like reviews and such.

For Year 3, I'm at a total loss. I could easily turn this in to a day by day status update. There's nothing wrong with those blogs, but it's just not what I want this to be. Others have done that and do it better than I ever could.

I've had a few ideas, but nothing has jumped out and grabbed me.

I considered taking a fast food joint job once every month and seeing how quickly I could get canned. How fun would it be to work at Pizza Hut again, but not care about anything? The issue here is that I'm quite lazy.

I considered turning the blog in to a piece of fiction. Adam had told me to just start making things up. Base them slightly in reality, but never let the audience know. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm that creative.

My last idea was to "get involved" with something, anything. The big stumbling block here is that I'm the least opinionated person you'll ever meet.

In the end so far I've resorted to not writing anything. Maybe I'll put the nose to the grindstone and finish up some other stories and wait for inspiration. This blog has more loose ends than a gay cowboy rodeo at an abandoned tampon factory, and maybe I should tie them up some day.

Hang in there kids, and stick with me. We're gonna get through this together. Feel free to leave suggestions and tell me what sucks/what doesn't.

Credit goes to the lovely and talented Kendall for the tampon joke.


  1. DO THE FAST FOOD IDEA! You told me about that some time back and I think that would be amazing!

  2. Maybe we could turn this blog more into something about me. I mean, I've only been mentioned twice in the whole two years you've been blogging. I think everyone would appreciate a little more Rose, don't you?

  3. Just bumped into your blog from Mary's blog.

    Enjoyed the Three alarm fire date - I must say you must have sphincters of steel! ROFL.

    Just wanted to drop by and say I appreciated the humor and enjoyed it. Keep it up.

  4. Just pretend you have my life.

  5. Allen,

    My friend Patty who's an HR director told me I probably shouldn't do the fast food idea. I've never been good at following advice though. Maybe I should wait tables or someting like that? I'd be horrible in customer service.

    We don't hang out as much as we used to, and if I set the bar too high then people would come to expect that out of me. We just can't have that, so thus far I've chosen to leave you out.

    Thanks for reading. Maybe one day I'll write something amusing again. Don't count on it though.

    I do pretend to be you sometimes. Sometimes I pretend to be you twice in the same night.

  6. How about educating your readers on the Presidential candidates? You seem to have enough time at work during the day to do all the research for us...