Friday, February 01, 2008

The Free Lunch - The results are in!

Right after work today I drove my bucket of change down to the Fry's to get the results of last week's contest. But before we get to the results let's take a look back at everyone's guesses.

Geremy 1.00
Anne 12.00
Jim 15.00
Andrew 23.67
Misti 28.00
Needs 33.00
Mike 34.21
Mom 34.56
Kendall 37.54
Ben 42.37
Josh 43.00
Jason 50.00
Beadle 50.69
Jenn 52.85
Mikele 58.63
Patty 59.25
Adam 66.83
Anna 67.57
Liang 71.13
Chase 75.00
Rose 76.11
Holly 77.77
Troy 85.07
Monique 88.00
J.R. 90.00
Pollack 100.00
Rachel 100.00
Mandi 105.00
Erik 120.00
Nikki 139.69
Scot 150.00
Jesse 157.42
Tom 183.10
Rahul 240.00
Bruce 300.00

I've highlighted in red the people who only saw the coin jar via pictures, and the people in black are the ones who saw it in real life. It's somewhat interesting that people who saw it through photos tended to guess significantly lower.

There were 35 total entries(If I counted correctly). I have to say that I'm overwhelmed by the number of responses that I've gotten. I've asked for ideas with regards to women, help getting a date, and thoughts for presents before. At the most I've gotten 1 or 2 responses, usually making fun of me, but as soon as there is free food on the table(har har) everyone figures out where the reply button is.

I was questioned on rule #3 specifically once or twice. In case you've forgotten rule #3, it was the following:
Results may be modified to ensure the winner is a cute girl who is
single and in to short nerds.
For anyone who knows me, it should have been obvious that this was a joke. I'd pretty much buy any cute girl who was single and in to short nerds a free lunch any day of the week. Heck, she doesn't even have to be all that cute, or all that in to short nerds. I'm pretty firm on the single part though.

Okay, enough Howey Mandeling this, it's time for the results...

According to the coinstar there was a grand total of.... $162.57 in the jar(Before the coinstar deduction). Which looking back over the results(since I can't win) means Scot won the free lunch. Scot's my boss and the former drummer of my non-existent band. He's also notoriously thrifty with concerns to lunches and free stuff, so despite the fact that he's a manager at a software company, this win for him roughly equates to me being invited to have a sleep over with Shigeru Miyamoto for a night of Smash Bros., so I gotta be happy for him.


  1. let me get this right...
    35 guesses and the winner just happens to be your boss??
    when you implied that the rules might be bent for a single girl i thought your aim was so that someone was getting blown, and i WAS RIGHT, but apparently wrong on the subject being blown.
    can you say "rigged"? good luck with your promotion, a$$.

  2. I thought someone would call me out on that, and I was right. But don't worry Geremy, I've got a new contest in mind that is right up your alley.

  3. Seriously...if it wasn't for your boss I would have been the winner!!! I totally think this whole thing was fixed! I guess that I'll quit checking my mail box for a certificate of some sort!
    Don't worry though...I still love ya! Happy belated b-day by the way! You're old like me now! LOL

  4. I'm assuming Anonymous is actually Nikki, and if it weren't for Scot, I'm pretty sure that makes Tom the winner. Sorry kid.

  5. I guess it depends on what the rules are! Tom shouldn't have 2nd place because technically he "busted". Oh, well....either way you look at it, neither one of us won.


  6. I think I specified "Closest", not "Closest without going over". Either way, I'd buy you a free lunch if you bothered to see me. :p