Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nerd Games: The Free Lunch

Year Two

Me going on vacation is about as frequent as a Halley's Comet visit, but I'm going to be out in Cali for almost a week coming up. With that in mind I figured it was time to toss up the Free Lunch contest for this year. I don't think change accumulated as fast this year as it normally does, but then the contest ran a little long. That means this year it's anyone's game. Good luck, and see you in a week or two!

Just like last year I'm inviting everyone to guess how much money is in my change jar. The closest to the exact dollar amount gets a free lunch from/with me.

Feel free to comment, email, IM, or even tweet your guess to me. A winner will be picked in roughly 10 days.

1. The location of the dinner must be mutually decided upon, and the value per meal not to exceed 25 dollars. If the winner lives out of state, then some alternative prize will be awarded.
2. I reserve the right to kick anyone out of the competition for any reason.
3. Results may be modified to ensure the winner is a cute girl who is single and in to short nerds.
4. Non-US currency in the jar will not count towards the total.

This year, for comparison's sake, we'll use a standard sized Coke can and a half built Lego Minstorms NXT Robot, since everyone should know the exact size of that. Feel free to click on the images for a bigger picture.  



I'll give you a hint. Guess more than twenty bucks.


  1. You already know my guess and when I'll collect my free meal.

  2. $141.67. "You already know my guess and when I'll collect my free meal." sounds a lot like, "I don't have a guess and I'm counting on Jesse to initialize Rule #3." And that's just lame.

  3. According to the supporting blogs in your world, Jo already took $182 out of your change jar...that would leave $0.

    However, since you have stated that the amount is OVER $20, I'll venture another guess.

    Can we get more information?

    What is the weight of the contents of the vase?

    What is the total volume of water displaced by the coinage?

    And, what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    If you refuse to answer my questions, I'll just have to go with my other guess: $83.17.

    Your fan,

  4. I made my bet in the last entry's comments section with the assumption that he'd not hold the contest until the end of the year.

    Ad Hoc's guess is just about right. I'd have said $136, but I play with Price is Right rules and Jesse doesn't.

  5. $41.38


  6. Anonymous: What do you mean? An African or European swallow?


  7. TR:

    I don't know!


  8. Some entries, as written on a bar napkin last night by Stacy:

    $202.00 - Andrew
    $212.00 - Stacy
    $169.69 - Beadle
    $158.00 - Megan
    $122.12 - Miranda

    Also, via twitter:
    $87.53 - Ghedoicy

  9. 111.379 (yes 9tenths of a cent is in there)

  10. 84.81 because it's my birthday.

    what was it last year???
    the change in the jar, not my birthday.

    and you buy me free lunch all the time with my patented "oh, gee, i sure need to use the restroom (stealthly sneaks out door leaving jesse with bill)"-move.

    is that how you spell stealthly? is stealthly a word?

    anyhow, 84.81 is my guess.
    ...that and the ol' price is right guess of one dollar.

  11. I agree with ad hoc...I think this whole thing is rigged and it doesn't matter what anyone's guess is...Jo will win. That's cool with me though...I just wanted the "out of state surprise". So, I'll give it a try. (Although the obvious "Susan B" captured on top of the collected coins is optomistic...there is clearly more copper than silver in the vase.) My guess is $111.69.

  12. Ok,

    My two sense (sic):
    1. If Jessie desired to buy Jo a lunch he would do so regardless of/in addition to this contest.
    2. No excuses necessary.

  13. i'm guessing it's $68.43

    but since i do not only live out of state, but also out of country it'd be best if i were not to be correct

  14. 104.00 Matt
    191.43 Rose
    152.37 Jesse