Thursday, January 01, 2009

Postpartum: Part 1

So, I decided to try something a little different.  

"I have one of your old stories from high school" my good friend Laura said to me a few months back.  

My what?

"It's something called the Gumshoe Detective.  It's funny"

Oh, that.

I had all but forgotten.  I had written a few comical type short stories in school and given them to my friends.  I couldn't bring myself to read it now.  I can't imagine what 15 year old Jesse thought was amusing.  In retrospect, it was probably more mature and well written than what 31 year old Jesse writes.

Three years ago I wrote a long and drawn out email to a friend about my mom introducing me to a girl who turned out to be a lesbian.  I thought the story was sort of amusing so I posted it where some friends could read, and then to my myspace account.

At the time I was badgering two of my best friends(Rose and Adam) to each start a blog.  I find them both extremely amusing, and writing just wasn't my thing.  When they wouldn't get on board, I finally decided to do it myself.

Two and a half years later I've got 169 entries in a blog that's changed a lot, but at the same time stayed mostly the same.  Over the years I've come a long way in my writing ability, but I'm still a long ways from anything resembling "presentable".

When I think about it, it all goes back to that cheesy story I wrote half a lifetime ago.  Mostly real, with a bit of a drama.  Too much inner monologue.  Too many bad similes.  Lots and lots of bad jokes.

After having written out a story about my mom and my umbrella, I decided it needed a little "something more" and decided to go back to my roots.  Surprisingly, that relatively short entry became three bloated entries with very little content.  In a way it seemed fitting.  

Part 2 also had the worst joke I think I've ever written.  Bonus points to those who found it.

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me over the year(s).  Hopefully I'll think of something exciting to write about soon.

In the meantime I recommend you check out the following blogs from people who are far more talented than I am -
1.  Low Life Bastard - Larry hasn't written in a while, but if you haven't read through the archives, you're really missing out.  Stop by and tell him to get his ass back on the blog.

2.  Extensive Vamping - The "day to day" blog from Stefi, the writer of Bores and Whores.  She has a dryness and sarcasm that often leaves me questioning which part of the joke is funny, and which part of the joke is actually on me.

3.  Chicago Jo - One of my latest blog crushes.  Despite evidence to the contrary, I'm convinced that Jo is a 45 year old bald fat man wearing a cheeto stained wife beater surfing the Internet and up to no good.


  1. Gumshoe Detective is a classic... I should find the hard copy so everybody can get to know the 17 year old Jesse.

  2. How about we burn it instead? Haven't we embarrassed me enough over the years?