Sunday, January 25, 2009

Par for the Course: Part 2

Last Thursday I found myself in need of a quick lunch. The other nerds let me know that they were going to "Blue Fin", a semi-well known downtown Japanese Restaurant. My problem with Blue Fin is that it has the worst chicken I've eaten in my life. On the up side, there are no stray cats in the area.

Given my dislike of the BF, I grabbed the iPod and headed off to ZPizza. It was, after all, Italian pizza day, and I love the Italian pizza(Without tomatoes).

As I stepped in I noticed the cute girl was behind the counter, which usually causes me to over think the next few moments, and how they will play out. Before I had time to think of something witty stupid to say she jumped a bit, threw her arm behind her head and did a slight ants-in-the-pants kind of dance. Or maybe it was a jig. I'm not sure.

At 31 years of age, there's not a lot that surprises me, but this definitely did. Combined with my complete fear of women I stood for a moment, perplexed.


About 30 seconds later I realized my head was now rotating itself slightly to the left, much like a puppy that stares at you and obviously doesn't understand.


"That was the weirdest thing," She finally took the lead, "A bobby pin just fell out of my hair and down the back of my shirt."

Well that makes some sense.

"Oh..." I responded, "I just thought you were excited that I was here"

And nothing. No chuckle. No laugh. Nothing of the courtesy variety. Nothing from the pity family. Just nothing.

The best part was I had yet to place my order.


  1. This story was a bigger let down than the final episode of the forgot to add "fade to black" at the end of your story...


  2. You're just pissed that I didn't have a Journey song playing.

  3. I would just like to concur with Jesse regarding the chicken quality at Blue Fin Teriyaki. I only ate there once in 5 years of working downtown on account of surprisingly low levels of chicken quality. I always found it strange because the place is packed during the lunch hour. I think they must put a chemical in it that makes people crave it fortnightly.