Friday, July 21, 2006

I paid too much for my 700 square foot condo, but its got a view

About 3 weeks or so ago I was unloading groceries from my car to my new condo. I parked out front since that's the closest to the elevators. I live on the 11th floor, so making multiple trips is a bit of a pain. There was someone in the car next to me unloading stuff too, but I was tired and not very attentive.

I got to the elevator with groceries in hand. One of the two elevators was out, and being that they're quite slow I held it for the girl who had been parked next to me who was now a bit behind me carrying a box.

She got in and thanked me for holding the door. She introduced herself and I did the same. Her name was Iliana. Iliana tells me that the box she is carrying is a lot heavier than it looks, so I offer to help her carry it up, but she tells me, "No, I've got a plan. I'm going to push it out of the elevator and kick it down the hall". I wasn't sure if this meant, "No, I don't want to trouble you" or "No, stay away stalker" so I just left it at that. We said a few more things and I found myself really drawn to her. She seemed very warm and funny. The problem that I realize now was I wasn't paying enough attention to what she looked like. I mean I could give you a general description, but I'm not sure I could pick her out of a crowd. I pay attention to the wrong details generally.

A week or so later I'm relating this story to Sean, a friend at work. Sean, being the cyberspace pimp that he is opens up myspace, does a few searches and finds what seems as though it may be her. I'm not 100% convinced that its her, but it seems likely. "Hmmm, it has where she works, but I've never heard of this place", he says as he points at the screen. "Holy shit dude, that's 3 floors above our office!" I tell him.

So now I'm thinking this girl probably lives in my building and works in my work building. I'm not 100% sure though, so I kind of want to bump into her again because now I'm curious. At work, like any mildly amusing story involving me being lame, word travels around. Bare in mind that I'm a computer programmer, so half of the guys I work with haven't touched a woman that they didn't have to pay since co-ed flag football in the 8th grade. The story starts to spread, and now half the people I work with are asking me about her. "Did you see your girlfriend yet?", "Hey, what's she look like", etc.

Last week, oddly enough, we get an email that the building will be having an "ice cream social" where they give out free ice cream in the lobby for whoever wants it. This is intended to be an opportunity for people in the building to get to know other people that work here, but the reality is that people get free ice cream, talk to the people they know, and go back to work. I figure this is a good opportunity for me to catch a glimpse and at least see if its the same girl, but unfortunately the rest of my work "friends" think the same thing. They're all pretty excited about their chance to possibly see this girl, and possibly embarass the shit out of me in the process.

We get down to the lobby and it starts...
"Hey, what's she look like anyhow?" one guy asks rather loudly.
"Oh, maybe that's Iliana" one guy says while pointing at a cute girl accross the room.
Someone else shows up, "Did I miss her? Where's she at?"

Eventually they stop, and I did see her, but she took off too quick for me to talk to her. I still wasn't sure if it was her or not, and I really didn't want to get dogged out by my co-workers anyhow. I'm not sure what I'd say anyhow. "Hey, do you live in my building?" is a bit of a weird question at work. I haven't had any more run ins at the condo, but its not a huge place, so it seems like it has to happen eventually. I feel a little bit like a stalker for finding her myspace, but in my defense it was Sean, not me. I'm not sure that's going to hold up in court when the judge slaps me with a restraining order.

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