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At the end of the day, life is really just a big game of Super Mario Bros. The goals are simple: get the coin, get the girl. There are numerous pits along the way that you have jump over and obstacles to avoid. This blog then, is first and foremost the chronicling of one nerd's search for that elusive 8-4. It's the story of one nerd's quest to get the girl.

The blog started a bit after I broke up with Stacey, a girl I had dated for six years. She was the only girl I had ever dated, and I found my forced reassimilation to single life quite difficult. It was an easy thing to get down about, but by writing the stories and putting a humorous spin on them, I was able to find the positives. It quickly changed from thinking positively about experiences to just plain being positive.

So, while the blog started as a story, meant to be read start to finish, over time it's evolved a bit, and now serves many purposes:
  • The blog is essentially an open letter to my mother.
    I didn't realize until the past few years, but I apparently have the closest immediate family in the world. I'm the most distant member. I'm the one who moved the furthest away. By that I mean I live about 15 miles away from the rest of them, and I only see them 2 to 3 times a week.

    I'm also the one who is the most private about my life. While my brother and sister share their most private details, I tend to keep them to myself.

    This drives my mother crazy, and she's constantly worried about me. This blog then, serves as a way to discuss things without really talking about them.

  • The blog is motivation.
    When I started writing this blog I was one of the shyest people on the planet. As I started running out of things to write about, I began branching out and trying new things. The idea was, "I'll go talk to those twins. Worst case is she punches me, and I have something to write about this week."

    To some extent I'd say it's stuck. I'm not exactly an extrovert or anything now, but I'm certainly better than I was.

  • The blog is creativity
    I've always described myself as someone who has a need to be creative, coupled with a complete lack of creative ability. This blog is a good solid outlet for that, and every once in a while I put something out there that I'm actually proud of.

  • The blog is about perspective
    I don't want to get all esoteric on a blog that is mostly full of fifth grade humor, but the stories written here are really about laughing at myself. I'm not nearly as awkward as the blog might have you believe. That being said, I'm not nearly as smooth as I'd like to be either. I tend to blow things out of proportion, but it's really just to keep things in perspective

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