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While I play the central role in almost every story in this blog, there's not a lot of actual stuff about me here. To some extent this is on purpose. The simple truth is that I'm really rather boring. I'm not overly political, or blindingly passionate about any cause that I can think of. I've only actually been angry like 3 times in my adult life, and I can tell you in great length when it was, and why.

For the most part, my opinions and thoughts haven't changed a ton since I was about twelve, and I still spend my time in similar ways. My ideal date generally involves tickets that can be exchanged for stuffed animals or eraser tops. That might explain some of my troubles.

I always find myself in the middle of some self-created project normally involving: electronics, music, house rearranging, fort building, or attempting to make something better. Some day all of these will combine when I build an underground secret laboratory and take over the world.

In my Clark Kent job I'm a Software Engineer, which is just a fancy way of saying "Professional Nerd". As a kid there were a lot of different professions I considered, but really only because the idea of being a computer programmer hadn't occurred to me. One day it was an epiphany of, "Wait. Someone would pay me for this? I was going to do that anyhow."

While there's not much here about me, I do sometimes let a little nugget slip through. For example:

25 Things - This was one of those Facebook things that went around, and when I got done writing it I realized I had sort of over done it. While most people put things like, "I like the color purple", I wrote mini-stories from my life. Back off, I'm overcompensating because I'm short.

Jesse Through the Ages - I stole this idea from a fellow blogger since I found it amusing to see how she'd changed over the years. Maybe I should go back and update it post-Pizza and Tacos diet.

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