Sunday, June 06, 2010

Nerd Word(s): White Picket Fence Syndrome

White Picket Fence Syndrome
- Affliction

1. An overconfidence in life/fate.

[ Origin: In my teenage years, I seemed to be the confidant to many members of the opposite sex. Despite being straight, I was essentially their gay boyfriend. A number of people, especially women in their youth, think that life's journey will be a complete storybook, without bumps along the way. ]

- usage
1. "She wants to date for two years, then get engaged. The honeymoon is going to be in Hawaii. Then we get married, and move out to the suburbs by her parents. She wants to have two kids, and she already has their names picked out."

"Man, sounds like a weird second date. Total White Picket Fence Syndrome."

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