Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jesse gets Zugged

A few months ago I was reading an article at www.zug.com about the best office pranks ever. I'm a big fan of the site, and the creator John Hargrave, but with all due respect I felt we had done it better. I left a comment on the entry with a link back to our prank, and left it at that.

Soon after I got an email from John asking me to rewrite the story so he could host it on Zug. I double checked with Sean since it was, after all, his prank, and then agreed.

Unfortunately life got a little busy, and I never got around to writing the article. John emailed me again after the holidays, and I finally got off my ass and wrote it. It's now one of the featured articles on the site.




  1. only if profit is actually involved this time do you have permission to do prank round 2 when he hits romania again next month.... :P

    (and i mean actual profit, like enough to pay off the stress while we're in the middle of fixing a house, lol)

  2. You're famous enough to have haters online!