Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Thousand Days in the Making

Supplementary Writings

This is the story I told at my Grandmother, Dean Martin's funeral:
My Grandmother was a pretty great woman, but anyone who's here probably already knew that. She always wanted the best for her grandkids, and did a lot to look out for us. I'm sure if she was here right now she'd be straightening my tie, and licking her thumb and trying to get the little spiky part in the front of my hair to "lay down".

Grandma obviously influenced the three of us in a lot of ways, both directly and indirectly, and I'd like to share one story of how she changed who I am today. She made me promise that I'd never tell anyone this, but I think it's probably alright if I share this with everyone now.

When I was about 12 years old I decided that what I really needed was a computer. I also decided that I needed one by the time I went to High School. I saved almost every penny I could for 3 years, but as the summer before High School came, I still didn't have the money saved that the computer cost.

Most of my immediate family here knows that I did get that computer. What they don't know is where the rest of that money came from. One day when everyone else was out, my Grandmother pulled me aside, put her hand in mine and said:
"I don't really understand this computer thing you keep going on about, but it seems really important to you"

She pulled her hand away but left in my hand a substantial sum of money.
She then leaned in close and gave me that serious Dean Martin look to let me know she wasn't fooling around and she said, "Don't tell Leon."

In High School I took every computer class I could, and at night I spent my time learning all I could. I eventually went off to college to study Computer Science, and today I make my living as a computer programmer.


  1. Great story bud! We all have a reason for our backgrounds.

  2. Grandma Rocks!

    Did you hook her up with a page on Facebook? Did you let her borrow one of your 70-level WoW characters?

    Thanks for posting today. I saw Julia & Julie last night [two sappy chick flicks rolled into a single movie] and Julie the Blogger made me wonder when your next installment would be posted.

    Maybe you could do a similar event...365 days of stalking TheRealShaq through Twitter. Or, chronicle 365 consecutive daily interactions with "Girls: One-a-day".


  3. Making me cry, Jesse... what a great story. :)