Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Partner in Crime

Part Four: The Heist

This is part four of a multi-part story. If you'd like to read the whole thing, click here and read from the bottom up.

Saturday morning Jo and I woke up and quickly set out in search of adventure. There was much to do, and the Jo-cathalon 2009 was already half over! The day would include the following activites(both planned and unplanned):
  • A trip to the Tempe Center for the Arts
  • Lunch at the Fatburger
  • Discussion of designer jeans with a store clerk(Jo discussed. I mostly just stood there looking like a lump on a log)
  • A walk by Tempe Town Lake
  • A picture(Or two) with a cactus for Jo
  • A Harley Davidson store visit for dad gifts
  • Scooter shopping
  • Dinner with Jo's friend Christine and my sister
Dinner finished up, and by nine we were back on the road to my house feeling both full and extremely tired from the day's events. I was out of planned events, and beginning to worry.

Is this the moment she finally figures out how lame I really am?

Just as the panic began to set in, it was Jo to the rescue.

"You know," she began with a bit of mischief in her voice, "We could go steal Dave's trophy and take pictures with it all over town."

If I had a ring with me, I might have considered proposing on the spot.

"You can print out the pictures and decorate Dave's office with them after I leave."

We grabbed the trophy and took a few pictures before calling it a night. Back at my house we took turns making each other laugh with ridiculous stories and even played a couple of games of wii bowling. The very first email I had ever sent Jo included a wii bowling challenge, so despite the fact that we were quite tired, at least one game had to be played.

The following morning Jo and I walked through downtown Phoenix taking pictures of Jo with the trophy in front of anything that seemed even remotely interesting. As we did, people would stare and ask questions.

"What's your trophy for?"

"Oh this?" Jo would say cooly and motion to the boxer on top of the trophy, "Boxing."

She's got a trophy. That means it has to be true, right?

"She's a feather weight" I'd add. "Best in her class."

After breakfast and a ton of photos, I reluctantly took Jo to catch her flight. When dropping people off at the airport, I normally give them the tuck-and-roll, but this was sort of a special occasion so I parked and walked her to the gate where we shared a goodbye hug and parted ways.

The next week Dave(AKA "The Safety Dance Developer") came to work to find his office very Jo-tastic. I even made a little slide show out of it so he'd never forget. I recommend pressing the "Full Screen" button for the full effect.

Special note for mom: If the video is all jittery, hit the pause button and wait for it to fully load. You can tell by the little red bar at the bottom.


  1. Dude! I told you to get a ring. When are you finally gonna start trusting me?!?

  2. Looks like Dave's trophy had quite the tour!!! ;) These pictures are great!!! Jo is so cute!!