Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Sesquipedalis Year in Review: Superlatives

Best Joke:
There are many to choose from, but for some reason this one really stuck with me.

About a month or so ago, Ruth, Allen, Kendall and I took a walk down to Genny's for some late night snacking. If you're not familiar with Arizona, Genny's is the "Gay Denny's".

At any rate, while discussing funerals Kendall announced, "When I die I want someone to sing Don't Stop Believing by Journey at my funeral."

"That's a good one." I said, "Journey is one of my favorite bands"
"Except I want an Asian person to sing it" she finished the joke.

It took a few moments for it to sink in, but once it did I couldn't stop laughing. (If it hasn't clicked for you yet, just let it percolate for a bit)

Honorable Mention: Mom

Best Pretend Girlfriend Date
Laura recently let me come to her house and she painted while I blogged. I was hopeful that her artistic chi would rub off on me and some how result in a better blog. I, much like Britney when she said yes to the VMA's, was sadly mistaken.

Honorable Mention: Maya for "Sewage Waterfall and Chinese food - A Winning Combination"

Best New, "You know how I know Jesse's Gay?" fact
Well, you could easily write a novel for this one, but the winner is, Aqualung

Honorable Mention: After hearing recently that our offices might get moved(Separated), Sean told me, "I can't quit you"

Second Honorable Mention: Anything involving Geremy

Third Honorable Mention: Anything involving Ben

Best Sandwich
Jesse Sandwich. As created by Ruth and Rachel(Yeah baby!)

Best Wall Art
Twins and Dolphin


Honorable Mention: Liang Shot

Best Blog Post
I don't know, probably something Stefi wrote, but for the sake of self promotion, I'm going to say the on that cracks me up the most looking back is "I Think I'm in Love" mostly because I wrote it and then really was more or less in love. I'm usually not quite so prophetic with the positive stuff.

Most Embarrassing Moment
Many of my "embarrassing" moments really aren't that bad, but the one that really did hit home was the infamous hand shake.

Most Recent Blog Entry that I "Phoned In"
This one.

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