While I like to think every post here on Sesquipedalis isn't worth your time or effort, there are a few that have at least come close.

Finally, A Use for Twitter - Some writers spend their entire lives working on their great masterpiece, toiling over ever word selection, and rearranging passages and plots over and over again. While I tend to fret over the smallest details on most stories, I wrote this one in about a half an hour while watching a Sun's game and talking with my family.

A year later, the story has been on CNN and in Time magazine. I've seen it translated in to at least a dozen different languages, and it's even been sited in a few books on twitter. Had I known it was going to be so huge, I might have put more effort in to it. Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't.

A Series of Open Letters - This is a post I actually wrote in my head as it was happening. That doesn't happen too often for me, and I particularly liked the idea of these little bits of info coming together to make a story. I'm not sure if anyone else liked it, but it might be my personal favorite.

The Liang Prank - This isn't so much a story as it is a reciting of the greatest prank I've ever pulled off. Credit has to go to Sean for orchestrating it. It even showed up on Zug about a year later.

The Three Alarm Fire - This story is sadly all true. It's one of the most well encapsulated and sad date stories that I have. It's also my mother's favorite story on my blog, and the one that she likes to have people read when she tells them, "My son has a blog. It's funny." I appreciate that she's proud of me, but it felt a bit odd the day I came in to my parent's house and found my grandmother reading a story about me lubing up my ass.

DJ Jazzy Jesse - What's the Internet good for if you can't screw with people a little?

Hedy Lamarr - I really liked the idea of doing a faux "babe of the day" post that was more about the girl being a nerd than her being attractive. I originally intended to only do one of these, but I ended up going back and doing a few more.

Black Comedians - I wanted to do something a little different, so I tried this out with a controversial topic. Some people got the joke and loved it. Some people got the joke and hated it, but everyone who didn't get the joke absolutely hated it.

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